ERP Solutions

The ASEPSIS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Program manages and integrates a series of Apps to centralise your information and to provide ease.

The ERP centralised database is transparent and simplifies business workflows and allows for communication between the organisation and Asepsis to complement a collaborative approach through the various functions.

Cleaning Audit App

Accurate and timely data trend analysis. Ensures compliance to a standard.

Laundry Audit App

Standardised enterprise auditing program with instant reporting and gap identification.

Education & Survey App

Staff training App. Completed education is stored via the app and automated onto the register. Satisfaction Surveys can be accessed via the app.

Periodical App

Allows you to schedule and verify completion of all periodicals for costing and contract provisions.

Facility Management App

Individual facility alerts to manage accountability and compliance requirements.

Cleaning Excellence App

Bluetooth beacons are read to manage cleaning program and provide real time cleaner visibility and live communication.

Client Portal

Get a quick overview of all vital stats and get into the diner details with customised reports and dashboards.

Kiosk App

Custom launcher that allows you to limit the app you can run and prevent you from leaving current app or running other app.

Travel eID

A convenient way to carry your id anytime, anywhere.

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