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Travel eID

eID is a Digital Identification Card that verifies the authenticity of your employee's employment identity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The eID card lets your staff get to work as an essential services worker without delay or restrictions.

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Who can use this?

All businesses that are classified by the Federal and State Government as Essential Services during the COVID-19 pandemic can use this Travel eID app..

  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Settings
  • Pharmacies
  • Supermarkets/ Food shopping outlets
  • Public Transport
  • Airport Workers
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    App features

    1. eID on App
      • A convenient way to carry your ID anytime, anywhere.
    2. Secure Authentication
      • Employee digital identity is protected with one time password (OTP) authentication by email or SMS for secure access to user only.
    3. Manage eID from web panel
      • Manage employee information and eID access from the web panel for increased security.
    4. Company Circular
      • You can upload company circular in web panel and it will be communicated to all eID.
    5. Quick Onboarding
      • It is very easy and quick to set up eID for your business.
    6. Profile Management
      • Employees can manage authorized basic details from the app.
    7. Whitelabel offering
      • Personalize the eID with your brand to foster staff recognition and unity.

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