Who are we

We help you create the highest standard of laundry and cleaning services for residential aged care facilities.

The Asepsis System is an Australian first integrated cleaning and laundry standard that encompasses all attributes of aged care cleaning to create a safe and comfortable service environment for your residents that makes then feel valued and respected.

With Infection Control at the core of our business structure, the Asepsis System provides a comprehensive integrated solution that incorporates your laundry and cleaning systems and processes, equipment, methodology, training, management reporting, logistics, risk management and quality controls to name the least.

What do we do

We help to train your teams on the Asepsis methodology and oversee the development of the laundry and cleaning system to ensure effective outcomes for your organisation.

We help your staff to embrace the Asepsis method and our ultimate goal is to arm your team with the right knowledge, tools and training so that they perform at the best of their ability and to enable them to use asepsis to its full potential.

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